Flexible and simple pricing

At Amply we want our partnership to be a win/win, our company is committed to your success, so we only get paid when you get matching gifts. Amply services nonprofits of all sizes with a variety of pricing plans. Our most flexible plan is a fee based on successful matches - we earn when you earn. Amply charges a small fee only on confirmed matches. We don't touch the original donation transaction and you are billed at the end of the month. No annual fees, no monthly fees, and cancel whenever you like. We also offer fixed annual pricing based on your expected volume of matching donations. Contact us to learn more.


On Confirmed Matches
No annual fees
No monthly fees
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We will work with you on
the right package for your
Typically for nonprofits
with donation volume of $5M+
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What is an eligible match?

Amply cross checks every match request with the company's match policy including matching minimum, nonprofit classification (i.e. education, disaster relief, etc), and nonprofits’ own matching policies (i.e. won't accept from certain companies). In the small chance we get the eligibility wrong, we'll refund the fee.

What is a confirmed match?

Amply tracks the matching process from the initial match request, verifying eligibility, and finally to confirmation that match has been submitted to the company. Confirmation is given by donors and NPOs all based on each company's unique process. In the small chance we get the confirmation wrong, we'll refund the fee.

Is there a setup fee?

In most cases, no. If there is special work required, we'll let you know and go from there. Please note pricing offered via platform partners may vary. Custom plans available at request.