Integrated Match Solution info
Simplified Match Solution.\n Donor requests match as part of the donation experience, we confirm eligibility and create simple steps for the donor to complete to submit their match.
Customer Service
We guide both donors and nonprofits through the matching process which includes personal outreach to donor and companies to ensure match completion.
Customized Donor Messaging
Create custom email messages with personalized branding to enhance the experience for your donors.
Platform Integrations
Integrate instantly with the donation processing platforms of your choice or work with one of our partners.
Donors receive an auto completed form at the time of donation; increasing the response rate and accelerating the match process while reducing common errors.
Easy Fundraiser And Donor Credit
Leverage our custom reporting to tie the match to the donation, updating fundraising events and fundraiser credit.
Secure Donor Storage & Transmission Protocols
Trust that your donor data is secure. We do not store any payment information, use privately hosted servers, and encrypt all data.
Eligibility Verfication
We cross check the company's matching criteria (including donation minimums) and the non profit classifications to determine match eligibility. This ensures all eligible matches are processed while reducing donor and non profit frustration over unmatched gifts.
Company Policy Database
We provide access to over 4,000 company match programs and are continually updating details and adding new companies weekly.
Analytics & Reporting
You can review the real-time status of matches and dive into the data to better understand and fine tune your matching program.
Portal Management Tools
We provide a centralized view of all companies with matching gift programs displaying your organization's eligibility and allowing you to store notes and login details for each company in one easy to search place.
Api Access
For custom integrations and custom offerings we have all APIs necessary to deliver a solution to you, 99.9% uptime.
CRM Data Sync
Sync all data including donor names, email, company, match status, custom ids, and more with your CRM platform.
Employer Append
Using proprietary and public data, we can assist with locating employer information for donors who did not take advantage of their company's matching program and reaching out retroactively to identify missed match opportunities.
Offline Donation Matching
Regardless of when or how a donation was made, we can upload offline donations for retroactive match processing. This extends your matching gift program and tracking to maximizing your fundraising impact.
Facilitate Matching For Campaigns Or Fundraisers
We can work with companies to manage specific fundraisers for your organization, even if that company does not have a formal matching program.