About Us...

DonateDouble was founded to solve the inefficiencies in charitable giving. By automating the match process and helping nonprofits & companies manage employee contributions, we make the process easier for donors, employers and charities. This is just the beginning. Our goal is to continue building tools to help nonprofits & companies do more good.

Our service is just one piece of the puzzle towards growing the charitable pie. Contact us today for custom solutions.

Meet the Founders

Neil Shah

  • JD Univ. of Michigan; BA Johns Hopkins University
  • Background in startups, digital advertising, and corporate law
  • Visited Haiti after the 2011 earthquake to encourage entrepreneurship
  • Winner of an office biggest loser competition

Neil Parikh

Strategy/Ops Guru
  • MD Univ. of Southern California; MBA Wharton
  • Background in health care systems and disaster relief non-profit consulting
  • Worked with NGOs in United States, Haiti, Uganda, India to help develop operational efficiencies
  • First person to wear a penguin costume onto Penguin Island in Antarctica

Meet the Team

  • George - Lead Developer
  • Bill - Business Development
  • Terry - Operations
  • Lisa - Customer Success
  • Vipin - Developer
  • Rohit - Developer