Team Rubicon Taps Employer Funds for Nepal Victims

On April 25, 2015 an earthquake rocked Nepal--within hours Team Rubicon responded by deploying skilled veterans volunteers to help with the disaster. Over the next week, donors responded to the need in Nepal by donating over $250,000 dollars. DonateDouble’s software automatically kicked into action and helped donors raise an additional $50,000 from their employers in matching contributions.

Over 25% of donors opted in to see if their gift was eligible to be matched. Of those 435 matching requests DonateDouble was able to confirm a match for over 75% of those requests. In realtime, DonateDouble automatically submitted the requests to companies that had matching programs. Team Rubicon can now do more to help Nepal when it is needed most.

$300,000 dollars raised to help earthquake Victims, a 20% increase over online donations alone


Why Donate Double Works: Donors are often not aware of their employer matching policies, but with the DonateDouble widget, integrated directly on fundraising pages, nonprofits automate the matching process atthe time of donation. DonateDouble simplifies the process and creates the highest level of matching engagement. Whether it is in response to disaster or funding your critical work, Donate Double raises more money faster than any other matching gift promotion.

Typically nonprofits see less than 5% of donors ask their employers to match without our widget. With the DonateDouble plugin donor match request engagement shoots up to over 20%. How much money are you leaving on the table by not automating the match process? Sign up now or contact us to learn more.