We are Amply

We believe in abundance.

Through technology, we connect nonprofits with programs and resources that support your causes so you can take full advantage of these opportunities and ultimately make your donors’ dollars go further.

We believe in simplicity.

Instead of giving you another program to manage, we centralize and simplify the current matching process in a straightforward manner resulting in a more organized and improved experience for your donors and your personnel.

We believe in saying thanks.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is your relationship with your donors and your ability to carry out the impactful work that you do. Our goal is to enable you to access more funds, lighten your administrative load, and communicate the impact of your donors' gift and subsequent match.
Our Story
We, Neil and Neil, have been friends since elementary school. Life took us down different professional paths, but brought us back together in Port au Prince in 2010 during the aftermath of the devastating Haiti earthquake. Amidst the outpouring of generosity, we noticed opportunities to help donors, charities, and companies better coordinate their efforts. We started with DonateDouble to solve the first piece of the puzzle, employer matching. We knew this was just the beginning and now, as Amply, our sights are set higher. Our mission is to continue building tools to allow donors, charities, and companies to work seamlessly together, ultimately making it easier for everyone to #giveamply.

Our goal is to exceed your goal.

Increased donations by 20% during Nepal earthquake relief
Received $40, 000 in eligible matches in first week
Over 22,900 eligible match requests in 2018

Our goal is to exceed your goal.

Over $3 million confirmed matches in 2018
1, 600 student missions supported
Reduced matching gift cycle time by 30%