What is Amply?

Amply, formerly DonateDouble, is a software as a service geared toward helping nonprofits fundraise by facilitating the employer match process. We seamlessly integrate with nonprofits’ donation pages to drive employer match requests and automate the paperwork and steps required to receive a matched gift.

I am currently a DonateDouble client, what does this change mean for my service?

All of your services will remain in place but will include a software upgrade in your matching portal. Your pricing will remain the same or potentially be reduced. Please contact us to learn more details and to receive a demo of our new features and services.

Why should nonprofits use Amply?

Amply simplifies the employer match process for donors, nonprofits, and companies. While thousands of companies have a matching gifts program, many of employees’ gifts go unmatched because the employee is either unaware of the policy, is unfamiliar with the process to submit the request, or is turned off by the multiple steps and paperwork required. By automating this process, we give donors an easy, step by step guide through their company's matching process thereby increasing fundraising revenue to the nonprofit while simplifying the process for the donor. With Amply, Nonprofits can increase donation revenues by upward of 20%.

How is Amply different than other matching tools?

While other services may provide resources or tools for a portion of the employer match process, Amply is the only start-to-finish matching service for nonprofits. We assist with the process from origination (when the donor requests a match) through submitting and processing the gift. We also offer an individual portal for each nonprofit where you can actively manage your matching program. You can pull revenue and activity reports, see matching trends, and store information and notes on each company.

How does Amply integrate with my donation page?

We have a number of existing integrations in place and have custom integration solutions for all nonprofits. Ranging from platform integrations where you simply enable our service to custom integrations, we are able to create the solution that works best for you. We offer a straightforward API and setup usually involves a brief conversation between your technology team and ours.

How do I setup Amply?

Please contact us at Getting Started. Let us know your current donation platform and matching needs, and we’ll walk you through the setup!

How much does it cost to enable and use Amply?

Amply works on a volume based commission model for matched contributions. Depending on the payment integration, commissions are only charged on eligible donations that are likely to be matched. It is important to note that we never take commission on the original donation and any fees are only taken from the matched amount. For more information on pricing, contact us at

When will I receive payment from the donor’s company?

Each company has a different policy but typically matched checks are sent out monthly or quarterly. Checks will be sent directly from the donor’s company to the nonprofit. You can track the status of each match in your Amply Portal, and thank donors when the check is received.


My employer is asking for my confirmation number; what is this and how can I find it?

Your confirmation number is the donation ID number the nonprofit identifies your donation with. If the number does not appear on your donation receipt, you can contact the nonprofit directly to obtain it.

My company requires me to record my gift in my company portal; is Amply able to do this for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot submit the request on your behalf and the donor will still need to personally record the gift in order for the nonprofit to receive the matched gift.

I received an email saying my company policy is not on file, how do I find if my company has a matching program?

Companies of all shapes and sizes have a matching gift programs. The easiest way to find out if you have one is to ask someone in HR or consult your employee benefits. If you do not have a matching program and would like to start one, we would be happy to discuss this with your employer and suggest different services that can help with their matching program.


Is Amply a nonprofit?

No, Amply is a tool that nonprofits can enable to facilitate their matching gift program.

Do donors donate to or through Amply? My company cannot match gifts originating from third parties.

No, Amply only processes matches that have been made directly to nonprofits that have Amply enabled. We do not handle any donated funds nor have access to donor’s payment information.

Should my company send match checks to Amply?

No, please send the matched gift directly to the nonprofit to the address indicated in your company’s matching portal or on the completed match form. Please send attention to “Matching Gifts.”

My company does not appear on your dropdown list of companies but we have a matching gift program. How can we add our name so our employees can participate?

We would be happy to include your company! Please reach out to our support team and we can assist.

My company does not have a formal matching gifts program but we we would like to support a colleague’s specific fundraising campaign or match donations to a dedicated nonprofit for a specific time period, can this be done?

Yes, we would be happy to help arrange this for your company or team. Please reach out to us at and we can assist!


How does Amply work with technology partners and fundraising platforms?

Amply is a software as a service geared toward helping nonprofits fundraise by facilitating the employer match process. If you offer a service that helps nonprofits by increasing financial support, we can work together. We currently have partnerships with fundraising and engagement platforms like Classy and iDonate. We also partner with CRMs, Cause Marketing platforms and rewards programs.

How would we integrate Amply into our current offering?

Amply has flexible APIs that are easy to integrate into your technology process. Anywhere there is donor engagement or a system to manage donors you can leverage our technology to double or triple the impact for your client.

Why work with Amply?

Amply is a great addition to any fundraising or donor management system. We automate and drive the matching process that raises more money and reduces processing costs. You can offer a seamless service to your clients with proven results and great customer service team.